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  • Polyimide Fiber is available

  • FBG Array (max up to 30 fbg)

  • High Temperature FBG up to 250C is available



  • FBG interrogator

FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors)

" The Most Important Innovation of the 1990s in optica fiber sensing is the development of Fiber Grating Sensors" 

Fiber Bragg Gratings reflect a narrow spectral part of light that is guided in the fiber core at the Bragg wavelength, which is dependent on the grating period and the refractive index of the fiber.  The grating period is sensitive to mechanical strain and temperature.  What distinguish the FBG sensor from conventional electrical strain gauges is its excellent linear characteristics, immune to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), low fiber loss (transmission over many kilometers), highly multiplexed distributed sensor arrays and intrinsic safe in explosive environments)


  • stable and durable
  • can be highly multiplexed (many sensing points in one single fiber cable)
  • low fiber loss
  • metal-Seal technology (patent pending)
  • stand alone or distributed Array
  • immune to EMI
  • cost efficient
  • Strain measurement for civil structure , steel and cement structure
  • Continuous monitoring of structural health of ships and aircraft, building, bridge, tunnel etc
  • Risk and damage assessment for bridges , road and dams in earthquake zone
  • Down-hole oil pressure and temperature sensing
  • Deep-sea oil platform riser monitoring





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